Smart Transaction log backup, monitoring and diagnostics with SQL Server 2017

Smart Transaction Log Backups Most DBAs today operating their SQL Server database in full recovery model, schedule their transaction log backups to recur on a specific time interval (every 15 mins) for a highly transactional database to avoid autogrowth of the transaction log files. This works well assuming transactional activity is consistent or predictable throughout…


SQL Server Performance Baselining Reports Unleashed for Enterprise Monitoring !!!

In my previous blog post, I had shared how you can leverage SQL Server Performance Dashboard SSRS Reports for monitoring and point in time troubleshooting for large deployments of SQL Server. In this post, we will talk about why dbas should establish SQL Server Performance baselines for their environment and how you can leverage the…

Improving the Performance of the reports by simplifying Drilldown Report to Drill through Report

Recently one of my customers in IT industry, had a P&L drilldown report aggregating the P&L metrics from the company level->client level ->account level -> project level -> employees at the row level while aggregating the data across date hierarchy Calendar Year->Calendar Semester ->Calendar Quarter -> Month at the Column Group Level with Adjacent Column…

Sql server performing slow after changing the Cost Threshold for parallelism

We have observed a few cases now where sql server has started performing slow after changing the Cost Threshold Of Parallelism server option of the sql server. Ironically in such cases we observe that sql server is performing slow even when there is no high CPU utilization and no high I/O operations on the server….