I feel extremely excited to share the latest release of my book on SQL on Azure Succintly with Syncfusion publications which talks about the deployments of SQL Server to Azure.

You can download the latest version of the ebook from the following link

In recent years, we have witnessed how information technology has contributed to the growth and reach of businesses around the globe. Companies which are primarily technology companies, like Amazon, Facebook, and Uber, have built their businesses solely on the basis of information technology and have grown unimaginably. In today’s world we cannot imagine a business without a website, app, or web presence, but does having a website, app, or web presence guarantee a business will be successful? Until a business is successful, companies aren’t sure whether their investment in information technology and IT infrastructure is fruitful or not.

Setting up and maintaining a website, app, database, or data warehouse incurs a lot of capital and operational expenses (CAPEX and OPEX) for a company whose core business may not be IT. As a result, small and medium business around the world are looking towards cloud solution providers to offer IT as a service and pay only as they use with elastic scale up-down flexibility. Even large enterprises who can afford their own data centers and infrastructure are looking towards cloud providers since data is growing at a rapid pace and investing in new hardware and infrastructure for new projects, development, and testing may not make sense until the project becomes critical and revenue generating.

Cloud services allow big enterprises to innovate and research at an optimized cost without investing upfront on the infrastructure in their data centers. Further, when products are designed to run as a service, the product release cycle can be agile and fast. All of these benefits make cloud services an attractive offering and optimal alternative for businesses today.

In this book, I introduce you to Microsoft SQL Server (RDBMS) Offerings on Azure and talk about the use cases, considerations, configurations, and design optimizations for running SQL Server on Azure to give you predictable performance at optimized cost.

This book is primarily focused on instructing individuals with prior knowledge of SQL Server how to manage, optimize, and design applications running SQL Server on Azure.

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