Recently we faced a weird error while deploying an SSRS Report in a document library in SharePoint. The SSRS Report was  meant to be a Drill Through Report which was to be used as Detailed Report in PPS Dashboard exposed via SSAS Reporting Action.

Being a Detailed Report it was expected to fetch a lot of data and hence we paginated the tablix so that rendering in HTML is done fast. However for some parameters, the query itself took more than 2 mins to execute while fetching the data from cube ( We used SSAS Cube as data source for our cube).

However we observed the same report with same set of parameter was working fine while previewing it in SSDT ( BIDS for earlier versions) however after deploying the same report to SharePoint site, When we tried to browse the report in SharePoint it tried to load for some time but then we see an unexpected error occurred in the Web Page.

Our observation was, whenever the report was fetching a smaller set of data, the report render fast as expected but whenever the dataset was larger or in other words whenever the query execution took more than 100 sec, the report fails with unexpected error in Sharepoint. Further we timed the occurrence of the error and found the error occurs exactly after 110 sec of the report execution. This behavior gave us a clue that there was some timeout setting which was causing the report to timeout after 110 sec. Further this timeout setting is specific to SSRS in Sharepoint Integrated Mode.

After some research, I discovered that in Sharepoint Web.Config the httpruntime setting for executionTimeout is not specified which defaults to 110 sec.

The httpruntime executionTimeout setting specifies the maximum number of seconds that a request is allowed to execute before being automatically shut down by ASP.NET.


To resolve the issue, we need to modify the web.config for the Sharepoint site with SSRS Integrated (Web.Config for the Sharepoint site can be located from IIS Manager by exploring the site). In the Web.Config we need to search for httpruntime and add executionTimeout element as shown below

<httpRuntime maxRequestLength=”51200″ executionTimeout=”1800″ />

Following the change in Web.Config, Save it and restart IIS. After IIS reset, the changes take effect and we did not see the SSRS Report to timeout.

Hope this helps !!!

Parikshit Savjani
Premier Field Engineer

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  1. Hi Parikshit,

    I have done as you mentioned but it is still throwing error for me.

    Gettting below errror if SSRS report takes more than 3 miuntes in SharePoint 2010 which in integrated mode
    Message: Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: An unknown error occurred while processing the request on the server. The status code
    returned from the server was: 503
    Line: 5
    Char: 62123
    Code: 0

    Please suggest on this. Report works fine if it takes less than 3 minutes.


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