When you design a drillthrough report in your reporting server project using BIDS, while adding the drillthrough actions for the report, in the dropdown you only get option to select the reports (rdl files ) designed in the same project. Hence when the entire project is uploaded, all the drillthrough reports can deployed in the same folder.

Now you may want to move the parameterized drillthrough reports on a different folder to implement security and to promote reusability. However when you move the drillthrough reports to seperate folder, the dashboard report breaks and shouts at you since it is not able to locate the drillthrough report in the same folder.

How do you achieve this ?

There are two ways to achieve the above requirements

1. Using to Jump to URL in the Drillthrough Action while designing the reports in BIDS

In this approach, you need to deploy the drillthrough reports first on the report server and get the URL to render the report. You can use this URL in the JUMP to URL option while defining the Drillthrough Actions in the Dashbaord Report.

The only drawback of this approach is, in the dashboard report when the end user clicks on the drillthrough report, the drillthrough report is rendered from here the user can’t go back to the original dashboard report.


2. Creating a Linked Report in the same folder

In this approach, after  we move the drillthrough report in a seperate folder, we need to create a linked report with the same name as the drillthrough report and place it in the same folder as the dashboard.

The Linked report will serve the requirement.


Hope this small tip helps !!!

Parikshit Savjani
Premier Field Engineer

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