In SQL Server, our Auto Update Statistics algorithm still relies on the default 20% modification on a given column to trigger update statistics. However different customers have different workloads and for some this threshold value triggers Update stats less frequently (e.g SAP databases) while for some workload the default 20% setting triggers Auto Update Stats more frequently.

To resolve the issue of less frequently updated stats TF 2371 was introduced as described in detail by Juergen Thomas’s blog

But some customers don’t like Trace Flags since it is considered not a best practice to run a product with Trace Flags.

Further According to me customers or more specifically DBAs/Application Vendors are the best judge to decide when update stats should be triggered and hence a configuration setting should be introduced to allow the customers to configure the thresholds for Auto update stats.

So I filed this suggestion as Product Feedback in Connect site. So if guys agree with me on this. Make sure you Vote for this feature in the following link

Parikshit Savjani
Premier Field Engineer

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