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  1. When running the sqlserver.exe -s ACT -m -c puts sqlserver in single user mode. You will execute that statement in a different cmd window. not the same window as where you’ll run the following command lines.

    Sqlcmd launches a command line mode for sql. Let’s confirm some of the command lines:
    Upon running the sqlcmd you’ll get this…
    Enter this: create login [domainnameaccount] from windows
    (yes you need the brackets)
    then type in “GO” – go executes the statement
    You’ll see the 1> again meaning sql took the transact sql command statement
    Then type: sp_addsrvrolemember ‘domainnameaccount’,’sysadmin’
    Syntax is very important type “GO”
    again you’ll see 1>
    Type Exit

    Next download the KB948109 at –
    (Don’t run the update yet because sql is still in single user mode)

    Now in that cmd window that put sql in single user mode type: control c. This will gracefully close SQL.

    Started the SQL Server via services.msc

    Execute the patch. And Done.

  2. This sounds like a cure to my delima if I understood the command line process. For a novice and the sql server this is greek

  3. Another possible workaround is to locate the Group which has the necessary rights to access the ACT7 Instance. It is something like MQLServer2005MSSQLUser$[i]DOMAIN_OR_PC_NAME[/i]$ACT7.
    Just add the current user to this group, restart to have the changes take effect and you can install the patch without having to touch the commandline.
    Plus (or drawback) You can now access the Instance via Management Studio.

  4. Hi Rich,

    Do you receive the same error (Error 29533)in the summary.txt located in the Setup BootstrapHotFix as mentioned in the above post.
    If you receive Error 29533 the above solution must work. However if the error is different in addition to adding the user to group you might have perform additional troubleshooting depending on the error.

    Also FYI, ACT7 deletes the Windows login you create periodically so if you add the user and after half an hour you perform the installation you may receive the same error again since the login must have been deleted by ACT7

  5. Thanks for the great walkthrough, this fixed the exact problem I was having, but the error in the summary.txt was Exit Code 11016. Figured it was something specific to ACT, and I really appreciate the info, spent 3 hours trolling other message boards and trying possible fixes, but this is the one that did it for me!

    Thanks again!

  6. Will someone PLEEEEEEASE help with ACT!2007!!!!! I have had nothing but problems with this program since I purchased it over a year ago. I uninstalled the program and then attempted to reinstall…. It did not completely install because I received an error message “Act!2007 is not supported on this edition of SQL Server 2005”. HELP!!!
    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

  7. I usually don’t make comments, but I’ve been doing a lot of research on this topic recently, so I just could not resist. Posts here helped me a lot in my work, so I wanted to thank you.

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