There have been a number of instances where we observed that the installation of the sql express edition on Windows Vista which also gets installed along with Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 fails which ultimately causes the installation of the Office Accounting 2008 on Windows Vista to fail.

So in order to successfully install Sql Express Edition on Windows Vista we need to take the following precautions before starting the installation so as to ensure that successful install of Sql Express On Windows Vista


1)   Disable User Access Control(UAC) Feature of the Windows Vista

            User Account Control (UAC) is a new security feature in Windows Vista that requires all users to log on and run in standard user privileges mode instead of as administrator with full administrative rights, thus prevent unauthorized or accidental changes that could destabilize the computers or allows virus and malware to exploit the system-level privileges provided to the local administrator to attack the network security, compromise computer safety and privacy, and damage files and settings in the network. However, in a lot of cases, administrator rights are needed by end-users to perform certain tasks such as install or update programs and perform typical system-level task. Beside, many software applications also need administrator privileges to run properly without conflicts, as they are designed to write to system locations during normal operation, and computer in locked-down state in which users operate in standard user mode severely limits user productivity.


·        In order to disable UAC we need to follow the following steps

·        Click Start and then open Control Panel.

·        In the Control Panel, click User Accounts and Family Safety.

·        Click User Accounts.

·        Click Turn User Account Control on or off.

·        Clear the tick or check mark on the box beside the Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer option.

·        Click OK.

·        When prompted, restart the computer. Note that the changes will affect all users on the computer.

·        To enable the UAC, simply tick or select the checkbox again.


2)   Disable all the Non-Microsoft Services

There are certain services which can prevent or hinder in the installation of the sql server on Windows system. Some of these services which are observed to cause problems while installation of the sql server are Antivirus, Malware and even Citrix Virtual Memory Optimization service. So in order to prevent any third party service from the installation of the sql server we would preferably disable all the Non-Microsoft services which can re enabled after the installation

In order to disable the Non-Microsoft services.

·        Go to Start->Run->type msconfig

·        Click on the services tab in the Dialog box

·        Click the check box Hide all Microsoft Services

·        Click On Disable ALL

·        Click On Ok

·        We now need to restart the system for the changes to take effect




3)   Check whether WMI repository is INCONSISTENT

If during the installation of the sql server on Windows vista fails with the following error


TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Setup



SQL Server Setup Failed to compile the Managed Object Format (MOF) file c:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server90Sharedsqlmgmproviderxpsp2up.mof. To proceed, see “Troubleshooting an Installation of SQL Server 2005” or “How to: View SQL Server 2005 Setup Log Files” in SQL Server 2005 Setup Help documentation.


For help, click:×7349


 The above error indicates that the WMI repository might be inconsistent so to resolve the error we need to fire the following command


C:UsersOwner>winmgmt /verifyrepository

WMI repository is INCONSISTENT

If the output shows that WMI repository is INCONSISTENT we need to fire the following command to salvage the repository

C:UsersOwner>winmgmt /salvagerepository

WMI repository salvage failed

Error code:     0x8007041B

Facility:       Win32

Description:    A stop control has been sent to a service that other running ser

vices are dependent on.


It may throw the following error when you fire the above command for the first time so run the command again as shown

C:UsersOwner>winmgmt /salvagerepository

WMI repository has been salvaged


Once the above precaution is being taken we can start with the installation of the sql server express and it should go fine.

If still the error occurs while installation we might have to troubleshoot further by looking at the setup bootstrap logs. But precaution can be helpful in the installation of the sql express edition on Windows Vista





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